August 2, 2020

Episode 20: Patience is a Virtue...and a Fruit


Episode 20: Patience is a Virtue...and a Fruit

It has been a long while since we have seen each other in person. And even though we really, really want to get together, we are following instructions from our leaders and not gathering at the church. And it is no fun!

However, this does help us understand the importance of our next Fruit of the Spirit: patience. Whether you are Abraham waiting for a special delivery from God or a child mad because mommy did not give you brownies until you clean your room, there are plenty of examples in our lives that display patience and teach us to wait in peace.

Join Mr. Josh and Miss Hannah this week as they share on patience and its importance in our lives. We hope you enjoy their lesson this week and God Bless!

Your Leadership Team
Trinity Hill UMC