Trinity Hill Vision Plan

Together, we are sharing our vision and plans to further God's Kingdom.

The Vision Statement at Trinity Hill Methodist Church

Plans for Growth and Progress based in Scripture

In 2022, the vision team conducted several focus groups and reached out to the congregation, staff, leadership, and community on behalf of Trinity Hill. The team's goal was to lay out a roadmap following the vision statement shared above. Together, they laid out a plan to focus on four key areas:





Each area will follow guidance from the church's Ad Council leadership. Trinity Hill is excited about the many ways our ministries and missions work as the hands and feet of Christ. It is time to celebrate together and get involved at our church to make disciples and glorify God!

What is the Vision Plan?

Over the next several years, our plan will be gospel-centered and focus on four key areas: Worship, Service, Community, and Multiplication as highlighted in our church's vision statement. Starting in 2023, the plan was shared via ministry moments with ways everyone can get involved. This included the purpose of each area and what it may look like here at Trinity Hill. This plan is fundamental to the church and is required for true growth and progress that is truly Kingdom-building work!


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During this introduction, Dale Packer presents a quick overview of our Vision Plan. We are excited to share how Trinity Hill will focus over the next three years on these four key areas inside and outside our church.

Worship - Week 1

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For Week 1, Isaiah Terry inspires us with words on Worship and how even on a cold, rainy, miserable day...God works so we can truly appreciate the sunny days and glorify His name through praise and worship.

Service - Week 2

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For Week 2, Calisa Fitzpatrick speaks on Service and what that looks like to the church: Programs to pray for and serve others, glorify God and be ready. Yes, I can!

Community - Week 3

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For Week 3, Tansy Whaley shares the importance of Community to the church by reminding us why we are here: to glorify God! As a community, we encompass many people with many roles to fulfill. It truly takes an entire community to serve!

Multiplication - Week 4

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For Week 4, Hunter Bethea shares the importance of Multiplication to the church. We are commissioned to go out and make disciples. And through our church and its home groups, together we can go out and multiply in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Trinity Hill Vision Plan Teams

Want to learn more on our vision? Ready to get involved as a team member?

The vision plan extends through 2026 and focuses on teams to make it happen! And teams need your help to make growth and progress possible! In 2023, you have the amazing opportunity to join and be the hands and feet of Christ at Trinity Hill!

If you are ready, you can either fill out the form below, download and fill out the form to turn in to the church, or contact us at the church office at 859.272.3456, and we will help get you started. Many blessings and thank you for your interest in our vision!